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Deploying serverless Node.js microservices (Google I/O ’18)

This session will cover how to deploy a set of Node.js microservices quickly and scale from 0 - 1000 in seconds. With this stack...

Getting Started with Google APIs (Python)

In this session, we build and deploy a simple App Engine application using Google APIs (eg. Google+ API) and OAuth2. We also demonstrate use...

Cloud Spanner 101: Google’s Mission-Critical Relational Database (Google I/O ’17)

In this session, we'll share an overview of Google Cloud Spanner, Google's mission-critical, relational and scalable application database, which is now publicly ... source

Zero to App: Live coding a Firebase app in JavaScript, Kotlin, and Swift (Google I/O ’17)

What do engineers do when they get a bigger screen? They put more content on it. So what happens when you put a bunch...

How to Manage Native C++ Memory in Android (Google I/O ’17)

Android native applications typically use Java objects that "own" C++ objects. When the Java garbage collector detects that the Java object is no longer...

V8, Advanced JavaScript, & the Next Performance Frontier (Google I/O ’17)

This talk will help developers write performant JavaScript, use new language constructs (ES2015+, async/await, etc.), and learn about the latest developments in ... source

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