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  1. I can relate with that desire to crush d problem. I hate getting stumped by a problem and will keep st it until I wear it out or it tires me. Then I take a chill nd come back again at it. I think that's d one quality needed to thrive as a programmer

  2. Its only easy if they do the same thing day after day. But as soon as they get taken out of their comfort zone and put under pressure its no longer easy.

  3. Thanks Chris! Perhaps things are perceived as difficult because of the unceasing narrative 'out there' that everything is (or should be) 'easy'. Why do we do it? Sitting, starting at screens all day is brutal on your body, most apps never sleep so neither do we and at the end of it all, those apps, we spend so much time on seem to be as ephemeral as our ideas – easily swapped out and replaced like they never existed. It can also be hard on our spouses, especially if they have a typical 9-5. They might struggle to understand why we spend so much time 'learning'. Only people who know little about computers think they are 'smart' (or television manufacturers).

  4. dude, this video hits home! Programming is hard.. sometimes i want to punch the screen.. 😀 .. Thanks Chris, it´s good to know that i´m not alone!

  5. I'm a big proponent of reverse engineering to get a better understanding. When working with React I bought a few templates from Envato to see how things came together.

  6. The thing to do is first define in my mind what it is that is going to be the end result. Then, break it down into pieces. Work on each piece so you don't get overwhelmed with the overall task. When your brain can't process anymore. Stop. Sometimes "sleeping" on it will make all the difference in the world. Our brains work out problems while we sleep. That is what dreaming is. Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night with a solution to a problem and jump up and get on the computer. I love programming. It's like running 5 miles. Afterwards the feeling of accomplishment is tremendous. Now that I'm older and have tons of experience behind me with great professional credentials it amazes me that shops don't want to hire me because "I'm too old and can't possibly understand the newer coding languages". That is laughable. I can learn any language I have never used before. It's all about understanding the process of logic. The rest is just lexicons.

  7. thank you, there is something wrong with me that I am trying to fix. Thank you for bringing that to light for me. That's why I am still in this.

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