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  1. Hey Qazi, the thing which got interest in programming and coding is the same like yours when I discovered that I could bring my own ideas into existence in my own way. Programming is a way where I can build ownership in the career. Programming is not copying and pasting other code and learning nothing. It is a kind of research and putting it in to existence. I discovered programming interesting when I watched your very first video "Top programming language to learn" and the introduction to Python and I started to do programming. I love programming and now I feel it is in my blood.

  2. Hey Qazi.
    Love from Bangladesh! It is good to hear your story. Here is my story: From the childhood i was very passionate about computer and it's related stuffs.But i could not understand what is programming ? I heard from lots of my friends and seniors that programming is great, it is fun! At hons 2nd year i started to learn C programming as it was my enlisted academic course. I did not find that much interest at first! But i was honestly jealous of one of my coder friends performance in the varsity,lol! It seems that he is a celebrity at that stage and everybody is running behind him for solving the problems(right now i realize how simple those programs were!). So i decided to change myself from that day, through some ups and downs of life right now i have fully devoted myself to programming. And you know what i love programming! And i love your videos because your speech is fluent and motivational. Pray to Almighty for you and keep up good works!

  3. What got me excited was the possibility of a business where we can reach the global market in a quick time.

  4. hi thank you for your video and that helps me a lot
    actually, I am working as cabin cleaner supervisor and I am so lazy to do even schedule for employees every single day.
    I am 39 employees belong to me and I wanna to automate the task.
    that is one of my motivation right now
    I also wanna to be a python developer
    thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you back

  5. love your high energy, no fucking around approach mate. I've been learning to code for about a month now. Just before xmas last year I twisted my spine up, couldn't stand up, could hardly fuckin move. But I'm not one to just lay down and lose no matter how difficult things are. So I thought ok, my body might be half fucked but my mind is still 100.. Anyway I came across some dude on youtube talking about learning how to code and I asked myself 'am I too fuckin old to learn this shit?' coz I'm almost 40 and I've only ever worked on drill rigs. Anyway that guy said no ones too old and said I could do it so I thought fuck it, let me try and I learned HTML5 and CSS and within a few days I could follow along with a youtube tutorial to put together a pretty fancy nav bar. Anyway this comments too fuckin long. So far I've learned about JavaScript and PHP to me PHP feels easier than JS but I dont know if thats just coz Im a new cunt at this. But i'm all in with this coding shit man and I appreciate you mate. you got good energy.

  6. At that time it probably not had occurred to you that programmers made Excel that you were using back in the day.

  7. Hey Qazi,
    I just got dropped from my engineering major cause I messed up bad, I'm not sure if I should work hard in a science major then to prove I'm capable and get back in or move to a lower level college majoring in software engineering. Either way I'm losing a year ;(

  8. Since I was a kid I was fascinated about the world and how it works. I realized I like to solve logical problems a lot and I always though good of programming. I had some basics in high-school and first semester of Major in Physics, but I dropped out of college in the second semester. I spend more than a year not really coming up with anything, wanting to launch my own brand on teaching self-help and spirituality. A bit more than half a year ago, my girlfriend who is now finishing her degree i SE asked me would I be willing to learn programming over the summer and get a job. I was like, if it takes that much, hell yeah. 4 months after and I have a job, it's interesting and I'm motivated to learn more.

    That's my story..

  9. Hey Qazi,
    I am your big Fan! You are Awesome🔥👍
    So, I started coding 5 years ago when I was in 7th and now I am in 12th. At that time I do the HTML and web development that gives me passion to code😀then I started searching about it(coding apps, AI, game development and stuff like that)…And for that reason I took Computer Science as my Minor Subject(Actually Major for Me❤)…My parents don't allow me to code..they think that I am wasting my time and I should focus on Physics, Chemistry shit but later they will proud on me….And now I know C++ very well…And now I am learning Python😀👓🔥

    So thats my short story till now😀☺
    Once Again….You are Awesome Qazi

  10. Hii #qazi it's almost one month gets completed of your one video a day , you are really great man👍 and I'm happy to be a part of this . I completed basics and did a little project on flask with sublime. What should i do now ?
    Should i go for some more project on flask or can i go for django now.
    Which option is better for understanding and developing project ?
    Please tell me brother 🙌 !

  11. Sir i don't have any prior knowledge in programming,what should I do,i am in BTech 1st year…i am very much worried regarding the same

  12. Hey Qazi,
    I love programming I want to learn it but my mom is always discouraging that I will not be able to learn programming. But I still try my best to learn from free stuff. My mom thinks that your courses are scam. She told me to learn from the free stuff in the internet and that not to take paid courses. My question is when are you going make them free or give some kind of discount? I know it sounds cheap but I cannot go against my parents. By learn python I want to show my parents that I can make a good money for it and actually it's worth learn and helps solving real problems. But thank you for your encouragement and keep making videos.
    Stay safe bye

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