Vue.js authentication can be difficult. In this tutorial we’ll create a vue.js using Amazon cognito, lambda using the AWS amplify library. We’ll look at authenticated …



  1. The title says 'Learn Vue.js With Authentication' but then the guy goes to aws bulshit. That's a trickery not a tutorial.

  2. if im hosting my app currently serverlessly with s3, gateway, route53, and cloudfront, do I need to rewire everything and migrate to amplify? I really want to use cognito, but im not sure about what im looking at.

  3. Noob here, how does apis and auth in frontend apps stay secure? I'm used to API tokens and credentials being stored in backend env files. I don't understand how they remain secure. Thanks.

  4. Hey Erik,

    Where is the video u mentioned that has command line tool configuration and where is the video for aws amplify configuration?

  5. How about adding Facebook signin? I have configured it already on Cognito but I am not sure how to display it in front-end using Vuejs?

  6. When you want to check the Vue app locally what do you do? I am using amplify publish to test changes, but this is really slow

  7. Hi Erik, first of all thank you for your great tutorial – I'm currently doing my final year at University and this helped me a lot. One question.. I'm trying to get my web app to hide Sign Up on the login screen. I have cognito set to not allow users to sign up, but it obviously still shows on the login screen. I've tried to use <amplify-sign-in> and edit the signInConfig and it works fine, but then forgot password stops working since I don't have <amplify-authenticator> in my code anymore.

    Any ideas?

  8. Hi Erik, I was wondering if you could assist the community with a quick Tut in getting AWS Amplify and react Nextjs working together with the Amplify command line etc. I keep getting errors and its not looking like its possible at the moment.

  9. I just re-watched the previous AWS video on deploying, all went well!
    But this one almost seems to jump straight in to a having a login screen.
    Can you let me know how to get to that start point ?

  10. Hey Eric, is it possible to create a tutorial for – how to create your own custom login / registration page for AWS Amplify?

  11. Now how does one control access to certain pages by account or role? Is that Authenticated Route to About happening on the client? What if I bypass that javascript code and route directly?

  12. That's cool, but I think using Amazon's services to manage the whole authentication process is probably not the best idea

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