Today I want to talk a bit about all the beginner mistakes I did when I first got started programming. From learning programming, to what to learn and more.



  1. Liking your content a lot my dude. I'm an experienced SQL developer trying to pick up some web dev skills and I appreciate how grounded your stuff is. Keep on keeping on.

  2. Hey!
    don't know if here's the right place to ask it or not, but so far from what I understood from you, I guess you're the best person to help me figure some stuff out.
    so, I'm a 21 university drop out from Iran who's moving to Portugal to study at the University of Coimbra with literally 0 dollars in my pocket!
    I just have enough to survive for a month and I was wondering how is finding a job in a foreign country, how is studying in a country that's not even speaking English as their main language?
    I'm so stressed out about all of these that I'm literally desperate to find a person to tell me the truth about immigration and finding a job.
    I had the same issues with getting started at programming as you did and I'm also having the same immigrant background I guess.
    I worked as a front end web developer using react in Iran for a year for a big branded company and I'm just so nervous about the path I'm going…
    can you tell me the reality of immigration and being a web developer with the passion of becoming a youtube animator? 😀
    the part you started talking about the developer burn out… I really felt that I forgot about my family till the point that I lost them forever and I can't, still to this day get over it.
    god, I'm bitching way too much about life, sorry 😀
    I know it's not what you can answer quite right, but sorry that I'm so desperate that I'm asking it here from you.
    have a nice day dude. you're really inspiring me to overcome my fears and become a better version of me. <3

  3. Dev Ed what would you say is the best way to learn Web Development? I am a beginner and i would greatly appreciated it if you could give me some tips 🙂

  4. Daca nu vedeam pe github ca scrie Romania, puteam sa jur oricand ca dupa accent nu esti roman. Chestia asta nu poate decat sa ma bucure, sa vad ca romanii prind notorietate (daca putem sa o numim asa) pe youtube. Keep the work going, you're making good shit. 😀

  5. Thank you ed. It feels so good to hear such words from you.
    Especially the last Advice is helpful in my situation.
    I am working 40 hours per week at my job and i am developing the rest of the day on a complex website for a well known contact.
    It often occured that i just get out of bed and work the whole day until i get back to bed.
    It is just like you said, I need to find a good balance.
    Thanks for mentioning this, this makes me rethink my situation.

  6. You are the best . Thanks for sharing, I'm starting right now and try to learn java and CSS as well I heard that react is important also. A lot work to be done but you're a mentor for me. Yes really ! I love your style and personality and I hope someday I can be good at it . Have a wonderful day.

  7. I like the new setup, however, I really think you should hang up some soundproof foam or something (because I think poster would be great for the backdrop but some classic black foem would be more productive and efficient) maybe do both:)

  8. I just discovered ( for a month ) you in the internet and I should to say I'm so f*cking having fun and getting more useful stuff to improve myself. Keep doing this job maaan. You'r videos just amazing… instructive and funny as well… GORGEOUS !!! 😀 Good news is you have 1 more GORGEOUS FRIEND ON THE INTERNET right now 🙂

  9. Ed, i find JS super fraking hard. Am i alone here am I slow. I have built a commercial site up and got paid but now am here stuck I see no progress. No incentive to do anything. I'm confused

  10. I do agree with the tutorials, but at the same time what i like to do is for example a tutorial on GraphQL and afterwards build something with graphql, some people like to start building immediatly but in my opinion that often gets me lost and gets me into bad habits so :// i like tutorial then building something, and obv i learn that which i found interesting or hearing lots about such as react graphql angular lavarel django and more.

  11. Hey. I'm first time at your channel, because somehow (maybe by an accident) your video was in Traversy Media playlist, video which isn't related to the playlist. Probably accident.

    Anyway. I watched this video. You look like a serial killer, who decided to not become a serial killer and become a developer. Even tho serial killer is still in you. You just choose your unnatural road.

    I will stick with the channel and see what you got here, Mr. Killer.

    Just don't kill kids and animals, keep coding! Thanks

  12. Sir if you dont mind …
    I wanna ask you a question…
    What do you do..for living…
    Are u doing freelancing as a web designer/ Developer…or doing a job in a specific company..or anything else?

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