In this lesson, you’ll learn about functions which helps organize and group together your code statements so that: #1: all the code in a function can work together …



  1. Can anyone give an example of why you would use argument labels rather than just making the initial argument declaration more descriptive?

  2. Enseñas muy bien, no se ingles, solo muy poco pero eres tan didáctico que entiendo totalmente tu curso, estoy aprendiendo Swift cada día mas. Felicitaciones.

  3. Chris, you are amazing, brother! I learned a lot after a week and, because you encourage me with your videos, I bought the new MacBook pro with m1 to practice. I already told you in another video that I'm a musician, so I've never written code in my life before your videos! Thanks a lot!

  4. To be honest in just started learning how to code with swift , your videos has made it more easier to understand , you such an amazing teacher

  5. Hi Chris! I love this program so much and I am currently doing all your challenges that you have set up. But, for challenge 7-12, I'm not sure whether I got the right answers or codes and I want to check it to make sure I am making progress. Is it possible for me to get the answers? Or do I not know how to access the answers? Anyway thank you for all the lessons! 🙂

  6. I was doing the challenge problems, and when I multiplied 1.13 and 100, it showed an output of 113 but when I printed it, it printed as 112.9999999. Any idea why? or how I can fix it.

  7. Hey Chris.
    First of all, thanks for the helpful videos on swift and Xcode.
    I wanted to know if you have, or knew of a good playlist or videos focused on coding within Playgrounds on IPad (not the same as Xcode on Mac, right?) aimed at newcomers. Thanks in advance.

  8. I’ve been following your videos for the last two years. Chris you’re such a great teacher 👑 I appreciate your hard work quality of your content. It’s helped improve my swift coding tremendously 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  9. This is a journey not a marathon, for me. I visit the Swift learning process daily and it’s slowly resonating. I was fooled into believing that this could be learned in a short amount of time. Don’t believe everything you hear on YouTube boys and girls. Keep up the good work Chris.

  10. Thanks, always nice your videos with all of the details, but my question is, is that still the same in swiftUi or is it only for UiKit

  11. Your other episodes were really helpful but if I’m honest as the series goes on it becomes less helpful.

    I would like a series that breaks down the following…

    I need an iOS app creating.

    I want the app to do this on the first launch:
    – Allow users to create an account via Facebook, Google or a standard registration process. The login details need to link back to my website so if a user creates an account on the iOS app then I can see it on the WordPress dashboard on a desktop.

    After the user is logged:
    – It will ask them to enter their postcode (it will only ask them once then remember this for future reference).
    – The user can selection an option on the app to change their location.
    – When a location is chosen then it will only show data from their city and if nothing displays then it will give a message to say "Nothing has been found here. We are working hard to add businesses for this city. Meanwhile, we will show you data from a nearby city"

    All cities will be based in the UK and I can give you a list of the cities.

    The website is up and running but just need help with linking the app! I have an Apple Developer account.

    The app should allow users to pay for a yearly membership and before payment have the ability to upload a photo before submitting an email request and in response receive an automated email and iPhone notification to say "Your order is being processed. If you don't hear within 24 hours then please contact [insert email address]" (I have Woo Commerce subscription service and Premium so can install other addons). I have a subscription service on my website but it's the app I need it for.

    The business model (in a nutshell) is a discount scheme. If you search "Newcastle" then it will show you businesses who are part of the discount scheme.

    I also want the ability for people to request work projects and upload files. My website has this but not the app. Payment system needs to be linked into WordPress too.

    App should look professional and load quickly.

    A contact us form should be created.

    A meet the team page (can be taken from website)

    A FAQs page (can be taken from website)

    An easy access button with Facebook page integration so users can contact me easily (I have a Facebook page already)

    All my social media buttons with access to easy follow the accounts.

    The app should automatically update as to when I update the website. To make sure that when a user searches for a city I was thinking maybe using tags on the desktop version of my site? Not sure how you would do this.

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