In this video we will learn the basics of core data to create a full functional to do list app. This will include creating, updating, getting, and deleting data. We will be …



  1. At 7:25 when I added func deleteItem(item: ToDoListItem) {, it gives me an error saying, "Cannot find type 'ToDoListitem' in scope". I've tried twice with a new project in case I was missing something, but that same error keeps happening. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  2. could you make a video explaining how to implement core data into an existing project that uses user defaults? by replacing user defaults with core data?

  3. I searched a lot about how to place that date below the name but couldn't find any. Could you please assist how to add it there with that size?

  4. Nice video. Continue that. But I tried that on my own exactly like zu did it but when I try to tip the code it just shows errors and the autocomplete don’t do his job. One question: do I’ve to do create the packages ToDoListItem+CoreData… stuff ? Or can I do it also without them/this ?

  5. Hey, soon to be SWE grad here. Know Android studio well enough, but I'm trying to make an IOS app over this break just to learn how to develop in swift as well. Your videos have been the best at helping me turn my ideas into working code. Thanks a ton, I'll be subbing and coming back for plenty more over the next 3 weeks!

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