This is a very common programming question, should I learn just 1 programming language or should I learn many. Although the answer to this question is …



  1. V good video!
    I have been working in java for 9 years. I learnt python, flask, AngularJs (for a project using Angular Js 1), Micro services using spring boot.. and now learning node js.

  2. I belive its much easier to personally know what you want to do and find the tools to accomplish it. Narrows it down . I realized when i started coding if you dont know what you want to do your stuck with wonder which tool is right to master . In short just find where you feel like its your area of liking. Game dev ,web dev ,AI, machine learning knowledge is just infinite

  3. Hello Hitesh Sir, I'm a 16 year old student and I am currently in 11th class and I have a thought against your opinion. I am very good at programming and writing codes in Java, the only language that I have been learning since 1 year and the reason I stick to it is that I want to create some kind of calculator, game, or any android application using Java's GUI, in order to do that I have to explorer the java libraries and learn many things, but you say to switch programming languages after having a good taste of it ( till intermediate level), in my opinion it would be something like knowing many languages but there isn't any language that you are good at, I think we must have our primary programming language which is something we are good at just like mother tongue that you can speak many languages but there is a specific language that you are good at. Everything I said above is considering the beginners who jump into programming world.

    Convince me why should I learn many programming languages at a beginner stage or as a student stage? Without knowing what is algorithms, data structures and Big O Notation, etc. How could, could you switch languages without having a feeling of a programmer? Programming is not learning many languages but solving problems and translate them into codes, would make you a programmer.

    I think for beginners or students one must stick to a programming language and have a tour around the programming world and once you have it then of course you could try out different languages.

    Hitesh Sir, I want your response.

    Thank You,
    G Ajeet

  4. Please can you suggest a good source to learn Electron.js. My need is to use Electron with Python and I haven't found a 'good' source yet, just bits and pieces here and there.

  5. Thank you so much for this video i am student i always think i am learning multiple programming languages made me so much of confused….like why i am learning all this what is the need to learn multiple programming languages but your video give me a best answer and i also wanted a deep knoweldge about librares and frameworks theoretical explainarion is not enough for me can you please suggest me which framework and library should i learn as i know html,css and java perfectly

  6. 8:40 this is the reason why am going to learn Django in the April 2020
    And many of you would say why not now? My straight away Answer Boards are approaching 😆😆😆

  7. sir you are doing excellent job, i learnt django and python with your help.
    i have some prob. regarding video file uploading in django app, can you please suggest me what to do?

  8. Currently I am working on Java on Back-end and JavaScript for Front-end . But i am not good in Java and JavaScript, sometimes get confuse what should i use, List or Iterator in some scenarios, If Internet doesn't exist Surely i wont be a programmer and i could code a 10 lines,I wanna learn that how to use a function and where to use it in which situation and also how does it work . (eg : How does the Iterator work ) , Hitesh, please upload a video on that in your Java Course in LCO. Not Basics , Java for Intermediate or something like that.

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