In this React tutorial we’ll talk about the React Router & see how to set it up so that we can have multiple ‘pages’ on our React websites. ‍ ‍ Course Files: + …



  1. Hey Shaun! Can you please tell me how did you edit a browser img with your content at 2.05? How can I do the same thing with my own content? Thanks advance.

  2. Hi @theNetNinja. Does the way React handles routing mean that at the initial request the server returns all the possible content to the browser, and then React sorts out locally what to show to the user? In case of complex websites this can be quite a lot of data, couldn't it? What can be done, so that users don't have to wait for too long before the landing page gets rendered?

  3. I learn so much so far by switching my js todo app to react app by following this tutorial and ive learned so much unlike the first time when i copied pasted ur code 🙂

  4. When I need to learn any new technology about web development I go straight to this channel and check for a tutorial. Most of the times I learn it from here firstly. It is a great channel.

  5. Recap
    to use router
    1. install 'react-router-dom' package
    2. destructure Router, Route, Switch from react-router-dom in App.jsx
    3. surround template with <Router></Router>
    4. surround the routes with <Switch></Switch>
    5. inside <Switch> we implement route such as <Route path=path></Route>
    thats it !!!

  6. Obviously Node does a lot more, BUT in terms of handling requests does this router aspect of React negate Node and Express making them unnecessary for React apps ?

  7. Great explanation in the beginning about how react works vs the traditional way 👏
    The idea was so confusing for me when I started learning react. I used to work in mvc and this is completely different.

  8. You may need to restart react by write in terminal "npm start" to proper run react-router:). Thx Shaun again for next lessons:)

  9. Hey Ninja, great tutorial and explanation🙏. I feel like you are the tutor I was searching for all this time on YouTube. Your way of teaching is effective for me and the tutorials are just what I have planned to learn. Keep up the good work👍 and keep updating old tutorials like you you did here with functional programming in React. Super excited to learn a lot from you💯.

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