Course Contents ⌨️: (0:00:00) LIVE demo of the Amazon Clone App ⌨️: (0:16:30) Set up REACT Project ⌨️: (0:18:30) Set up Firebase ⌨️: (0:24:20) Set …



  1. Context does not replace Redux.
    Context API: Resourceful and ideal for small applications where state changes are minimal
    Redux: Perfect for larger applications where there are high-frequency state updates

  2. when i am using the properties of flexbox such as flex:1, justify-content: space-evenly.
    These arent working for me i dont know why. Can someone just help me out with this as i am stuck at 1:29:49 for a very long period of time.

  3. You guy's are amazing . This is my first react toutorial as well as my first react project and first clone of some app . I really feel obessed after seeing this session and making the clone of amazon. I am thankful to you both for this ☺☺. Hope so we can connect on any social platform.

  4. I like how slowly, precise and clear you guys explaining everything that you are doing. Huge Support and Thumbs up for the great job. Im watching your other tutorials , well done. Great help

  5. ./src/reportWebVitals.js

    Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'D:Amazon Cloneamazon-clonesrcreportWebVitals.js'

    This error occurred during the build time and cannot be dismissed.
    As I am getting this error what should I do next.

  6. I know you use to react to dev this websites but can you make angular clone apps please we need real prof devs to teach us so please if you can make an angular, material, firebase clone app I would like it and tnx alot

  7. it's show id is undefind and i follow these setps id={}

    tittle = {item.tittle}

    image = {item.image}

    price = {item.price}

    rating = {item.rating}

  8. sir, i was fully follow your steps after context api and run code then screen was complete blank , why sir ? am i missed any thing or plzz give me solution ?

  9. Error: Element type is invalid: expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function (for composite components) but got: undefined. You likely forgot to export your component from the file it's defined in, or you might have mixed up default and named imports.

    Check the render method of `StateProvider`. this problem i have in stateProvider? plz reply me

  10. This is wrong Sonny is the main person who teach us but the image on thumbnail is wrong. You should have to put Sonny image also.

  11. A little bit late to the party, but I do have a syntax question. Why did you use curly braces {} when importing initialState but you imported reducer without any braces? Time: 3:05:00 somewhere ther

  12. Error: StateProvider(…): Nothing was returned from render. This usually means a return statement is missing. Or, to render nothing, return null
    I am facing this issue when I am wrapping App component in
    StateProvider component.
    Plz help me to solve it.

  13. I work at Amazon and I hope this app I can add to my portfolio and get a job as a developer there. Currently I work in packing dept. I am a old-timer 50 years old and learned all the basics long ago of how to build web pages but you guy have helped me bring my skills in 2021. God bless you guys I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You guys truly care about people and dedicate so much time to help new developers.

  14. Is there a GitHub repository for this? Is it ok to creat from scratch or should we clone from a GitHub repository?

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