1. In part one of this series, we’ll build the UI of are animated login screen. We’ll be using React Native Reanimated and React Native Gesture handler in this …



  1. Hello bro. I have one question. How to fix the installation because I can only instal with "npm install". When I type "expo install" visual code redirect me to "npm" installation. Thank you!

  2. The tutorial is so good. But i am unable to run the code on adnroid mobiles. The animation does not seem to work at all.. is there ay additional step for android.. based on updates whatever. ? really need your help guys. reply if you guys had the same kind of problem

  3. Hi, my height: null doesn't load the image. When I give a specific value to height, only then it loads. Width: null works fine. It takes the entire width available. What can be wrong here?

  4. nice tutorial.. BUT am stuck on this absoluteFill.. the image is not showing.. but the background color is .. whats the matter? is this not working anymore on images?

  5. Nice Video, Please upload a Video Tutorial for Splash Screen with 3 Second timer and Move to next page(Home) automatically and Please tell me , border radius use and how to use in Flex , Please upload a video tutorial.

  6. Hi, i ran into this error :"unused style detected: styles.container (react-native/no-unused-styles). Anyone know how to resolve this?

  7. How can I test on physical device instead of expo? The project does not open because you installed an expo install expo-asset dependency

  8. I love your tutorials. Complex topics -> their Simplified Version Transformation. Make a video on KeyboardAvoidingView react native module

  9. Thank you for focusing on animation. This is very easy to understand. Hope to see more animation related videos from you

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