Let’s learn React Native by building the Airbnb clone from scratch even if you are a beginner. Download the Asset Bundle (Images, Dummy data, PDF …



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  2. Download the source code and tried to run it, got an error :Module not found: Can't resolve './aws-exports' in '/Users/xyz/Downloads/AirbnbClone-main'

  3. A big thank from France ! Your english is really understandable, and your tutorials are a real pleasure tu follow ! Thank you very much Vadim.

  4. Great informative tutorial Vadim! I’m working on a React Native app and have hit a roadblock with the messaging function. Basically, to send a message between users within the app. I’ll check out your playlist and also complete this tutorial. Keep up the great 👍🏾 work!

  5. If you have any problem with position: 'absolute', top:50, zIndex: 1 on Android, you will need to have elevation: 2 for searchButton to show the search bar in the app

  6. Hello Vadim I am on minute 36:34 and I am trying to add the Home Screen background image and it seems to not be displaying anything. Any clue to why that is happening?

  7. Is this basically what a React Native front end dev does or does the front end dev hook up to the backend as well? Just looking for some definition of job descriptions/job titles. Thanks!

  8. On android there are massive issues: (home) zIndex doesn't work (needs elevation) and even then the button doesn't work. Any fixes for this, since without it's impossible to proceed really

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