Python is extremely important and popular these days. You can use Python for web development, data science, machine learning, utility scripts or your first steps …



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  3. wow thats amazing if i purchase it will i learn how to have a functional webpage like in second 00:50 my project is to have a webpage in pythonanywhere that does all the basic funtions of a blockchain and give my url to different users so they can make there own blocks in my blockchain. im having a hard time coding it, help.

  4. Super explanation bro…. keep it up!

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  5. I am intersted to buy the course. With the course you will have your own token at the end? Running on what platform, ethereum ?

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  7. Hi Max. I just bought this course. Looks really cool – I'm super interested in both Python and the Blockchain so having both in the one course is really great and why I purchased it.

  8. You ar aw sm freek,
    I am a python programmer, i am learning and developing blockchain projects.
    Pls tell me the scope of blockchain work from home

  9. this is a very simple intro to a very user friendly language (function, variables , array) , it didn't even use any looks or conditional statements. What happened to the hash in each block?

  10. i love your video man.. i liked it and i subscribed your channel and follow. sir max, you're a good provider of good knowledge. thank you for sharing your good knowledge given to you from Above.

  11. Easy to understand, coherent, seamless, flawless. The absolute best lesson on programming I have taken. Thank you.

  12. Saying python is object oriented is a bit of a stretch only because you can write object oriented code in python doesn't mean the language is object oriented

  13. Can you provide this complete course in hindi or wanna in urdu language please beacuse most of people whom belong from south asia they dose't completely understand english I'm also one of them please help us and review this lectuer in urdu/hindi we are looking towards .

  14. Guys. I do have the full course but i m stuck in the middle of it. So if I try to mine more than 3 blocks the code breaks and it closes after that. I m concerned with the fact that he didn t actually test it more than once..

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