A Python Programmer gets paid an average salary of 100000$ and can apply for multiple roles such as Full Stack Developer, Game Developer or even as …



  1. Jupyter Notebook.

    Ka code bout easy hai
    Or mere virtual studio code me nhi hota

    Please make python videos on virtual studio code ❤️

  2. Sir, I like the way you are explaining each and every thing in a simpler way so please can you upload the manual+ automation testing tutorial session.please sir it's humble request to you sir.

  3. This channel is very helpful to me
    I loved his teaching ❤️
    This is very useful in future to me ❤️

  4. Please make a video on for those student who are totally new to programming carrier on python what , how , when , ?? please sir

  5. you applied .apply method [.apply(double_make)] at (3:47:53) and after you wait to execute that code. after executing code why your code is changed to [.apply(double_makele_make)] at (3:47:58) ???

  6. Please make more video series in hindi i can understand the concepts nicely in Hindi and ur way of teaching is very clear❤️

  7. Hello ! Can you tell me what all languages and things do one need know to become a Data scientist or AI engineer ?

  8. Sir at 1:15:03
    You have adeed one string in set that is 'hello' but after that in existing list one Boolean value removed from new set ….can you please explan
    In existing set bollean 'True' has been removed after added 'hello'

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