This video will talk in depth about the shutil module in python. Thanks for watching 😀



  1. Thank you for the simple way of doing this! As a new coder, there are so many complicated methods using Shutil on the web!

  2. whould it be easy'er if i type:

    then to write full path ?

  3. But when I do the same thing as you did in this video..I mean when I put folders on desktop…I get an error…but when I repeat the same process while putting both 'a' and 'b' folder where I have installed my pyhton(c:python) works…so can pls tell me what could be the problem..

  4. There was no need to have to change the root directory. You can change it if you want. I didn't do it because there was no real benefit for me to do so.

  5. since I'm kinda noob to python…..So I use chdir to work on other come you did that without changing the root directory..please tell!!

  6. If you need any help in design or stuff, let me know. I am decent at working with HTML and CSS. CMS is more my game but either way. Keep it up!

  7. Thanks for the feedback. I do have a website actually. (noc comyr com) just put a period anywhere the is a space. The site is not 100% done but I will finish it this summer with some updates and deletions of various things

  8. Amazing videos! Keep it up! You should consider creating a website, and highlight a practice problem at the end! Either way keep it up man!

  9. Continue making more vids, please? Python is getting more popular, and as time goes, more and more viewers will seek for Python tutorials. Don't mind the view count, it would grow exponentially(?) as time goes on.

  10. Although reading documentations are better than video tutorials, but heck, READING is effin' boring. Thanks for the vids man 🙂

  11. @Colstonewall Thanks for the feed back. I will continue to make videos on python don't worry. Python is a great language and I will do my best to help you learn it.

  12. Awesome. I'll bet you're the only person on youtube who goes into these modules. . .Please, please keep making Python Tutorials!! Thanks

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