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  1. I use Macbook pro V 10.11.6 . I trey to download wxpython its is download but its doesn't install. could you tell me how to install that.

  2. Also i dont know how it is in 2. but in 3. You can just type tuna=ages the .copy() is unnecessary. Im not sure if in 2. you were required to do it for a dictionary, but when you say Tuna = Age you are saying i want to set tuna to equal whatever the hell age is.

    In 3.0 that works. When you type tuna you get {'dad':'42', and so on}

  3. Hi Bucky, I am trying to learn python but I am stuck trying to make a list with input numbers. My problem is that I only want to print out 10 numbers but take a number of the [0] and put the last number in it so it will always show the last ten numbers?

  4. Versions from 3.0 doesn't support has_key() method hence you need to use 'In' like
    ('Mom') in tuna (with or without parenthesis)
    this will return true
    also 'in' has better performance i.e run-time complexity than has_key()
    You can check it by using "-mtimeit"

  5. Hey

    is not supported anymore.. but i also don't know what replaced it.. so fell free to comment a new function which can be used in this behalf…

  6. Since has_key() was removed in Python 3, I used the syntax: 'string' in variablestable.
    The strange thing about the "in-method" is, that you can only search for the variables, but not for the values.

    If you for example save {'father':'Jerry'} to your table or dicitionary or whatever you call it, you can only search for father not for Jerry. If you search for father, you'll get True. If you search for Jerry. you'll get False.

    Anyone knows why?

  7. Can't believe he said MILF, my parents were like… What are you looking at? LOL, Nonetheless, Liked thanks for the info.

  8. Hi, bucky,
    thank you for the tutorials, I am learning python through them. However, now I use later version of Python and there are some differences between my compliler and what you teach, f.ex. I don't have  the "has_key" method

  9. Hi bucky; thank you so much for your helpful tutorials, it is simple, clear and very-well explained, as I am new in this field of programming I would love to have more and more tutorials like yours. Also, if you can give us some exercises for practicing, it won't be too much for me, thanks again 

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