In this Beginner Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Tutorial I will be covering all the fundamentals about classes, objects, and inheritance in Python.



  1. There's a bug in the encapsulation part of this video sir! The method named _calculate_salary(), where you set the constraints for '_num_buges_solved'. Thank you.

  2. kwargs_repr =["f{k} = {v!r}" for k, v in kwargs.items()] In the previous line of code you wrote {v!r}. I don't understand what means. Could you explain? Thanks

  3. Excellent OOP course! This should be the first OOP course for everyone starting in Python OOP. Thank you Python Engineer for such a great explanation of a very difficult topic.

  4. You have the gift of teaching, man. Thanks for creating this video and making it available for free.

    +1 follower and fan

  5. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I think you should have used a wider shot as you are constantly scrolling up and down during the tutorial.

  6. Great tutorial. Apart from the content, I like the speed, not too fast not too slow. So, it so easy to follow. I look forward to the next tutorial on advanced OOP in which it would nice if you include things like instantiating one class inside another class and passing one class as argument in another class

  7. Didn't quite get the logic of super().__init__(name,age,salary) while we have inherited them. Couldn't we just have defined a function __init__(self,level) only?? Am still trying to get my head around OOP

  8. Can I make a course request? It's so hard to get a data structures and algorithms course in Python. Could you do one? you could make it a collaboration with FreeCodeCamp… just asking…

  9. I don’t get the reason for inheritance. I’m new to programming ( I started with python because it’s the easiest) but I don’t understand why you would ever use inheritance like at all. Inheritance is just like the one lower ._ completely useless.

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