1. Good Job Leopard killing this parasite of wildlife. These python snakes kill innocent small animals that don't stand a chance of defending themselves. I would really like to see this snake getting burned.

  2. I think that Python doesn't want to fight with that leopard it just want to escape from there Other wise he can easily crush Leopard

  3. I think that python was slow because it may have just finished a meal…otherwise, if it got into position that cat would have been crushed quickly. Notice how cautious the cats are — even with a dead snake they didn't trust it. They know they are dealing with something that could kill them easily. They got lucky that day.

  4. and stupid jaguar fanboys say jaguar kill anacondas while leopards are python food, there is proof bitches leopard also kills constrictors, hope we see in the future a leopard killing a retic python

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