This is my first programming tutorial video, It is on “How to Make a Game in Notepad” this is the first in the series. NOTE: Yes, I know I screwed up with …



  1. Tutorial: 3.5/10

    1. Being immature, like bad comments/sentences example poop or da
    2. set /p menuchoie
    if %menuchoiCe% == 1 go to startgame
    ^^^ that was incorrect for the set /p menuchoie it was suppose to be menuchoice
    3. You didn’t even run the “game” when you finished
    4. You didn’t even do the questions etc

    Please do better next time

  2. How do you make text coming in slowly? Example the jigsaw ransomware on how the text goes down like if it's getting typed by the user.

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