A quick look at how I went about implementing the first city-building mechanic to my game this week: a simple road placement system! Get access to the code …



  1. Hey ThinMatrix, I am watching you since the first few devlogs of Equilinox. I still really enjoy your videos as they are very well made! I feel like you changed your videos since the beginning of this project to be more appealing – and better understandable – for people without any development knowledge. I think you could get a bit more technical again as probably still almost only devs watch your DEVlogs.

  2. Inspiring video as always! Great progress with the road building mechanic. Loved the idea of generating road models in code….genius! Looking forward to future devlogs 🙂

  3. Always fun to see the process of how you implement a new feature. The outside and the cooking stuff makes it more casual and enjoyable, something to watch on a cozy chair with warm tea.

  4. Hey man loving the dev logs on this game!!! Quick questions: Why do you build games? What made you want to start building them and how did you start? and lastly how do you support yourself? do you have a part time job? anyway loving this new series of dev logs and cant wait for more!!

  5. 0:00 can we just take a moment to appreciate how far he goes to get shots for these videos, he legit set the camera up outside his window and went back to his desk just for this angle. I really love these videos man, wish you luck on your new project !

  6. Awesome! I spent a lot of time on a similar system for the game I worked on =) In the end we used Houdini and pipe'd the mesh data in, but I like your approach!

  7. I love how your content is enjoyable for non programmers as well. And although i cant always understand the technical part of it, its inspiring to hear your thoughr process and see the time, planning, and effort you put into your work! Love every second of these updates!

  8. Weird question, what chair is that? I'm looking for a new office chair this Christmas and I like the looks of yours ha ha

  9. That game looks really cool! 😀
    I'm also using a very similar mesh combination algorithm for my game (in a lot of all cases) to reduce the drawcalls :p

    Btw, a long time ago (think 4 or 5 years) I watched all your tutorials about vertices, shaders & more – and here I want to a big thank you to you,
    because a lot of stuff I know today, I learned from you! 🙂

  10. I'm really glad you got this working! I love the idea of being able to customise roads like having thicc pavements or thin ones!

  11. You should enable not only grids, but also all directions of roads, even curved ones like in Cities: Skylines. This will make. the game a lot more interesting.

  12. You should definitely try to make the code skip over the main menu. Having to click on stuff like that every damn time makes you go crazy when you build all the time. But I really like your work so far, great that you took time to make the UI library good!

  13. Can someone explain to me, how does the road mesh works and how is it more efficent to draw a mesh instead of every single road tile?
    From my understanding if you would draw a road mesh, it would still draw every road tile from the road mesh, so it should be the same, shouldnt it?
    Or does it mean, that if you update one road (by adding or removing it), it would only update adjacent road, which would be of course more efficent then to update them all.
    I might have missed something in the video

  14. A while ago I stupidly asked if you had an engine tutorial, which of course you actually did 😂 I have just watched it once through for a brief understanding and then I will rewatch it and do it physically! Keep up the amazing dev logs! – and thanks again for those great tutorials!

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