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  1. So THAT'S why there were never sex scenes. He just hit them in the head and left them on the bed naked thinking something happened.

  2. Maybe because he orders Vodka Martini and shaking in creates a layer of vodka and martini, meaning that first you drink vodka then martini and vice versa, no this bullshit that you'tr spewing.

  3. Martinis should be gin. Martinis with vodka is a vodkatini.
    Honestly, I didn't know they were supposed to be stirred. I like it shaken better because it is cold, and you can get little floating ice crystals which looks really cool!

  4. teh book bird of the west indies is actually metionied (?) in die another day… when he first meets jinx via binoculars she comes up to him and asks what he is doing. i remeber fairly clearly the book is called "birds of the west indies" but if you know or know that its not please hit me up

  5. Ian Fleming did his writing in Jamaica where it is hot (no AC at the time). He likely wanted his drinks very cold and transferred that preference to James Bond.

  6. 521 grams of pure ethanol converted into mL of 80 proof liquor is about 1.63 liters. This isn't all that much alcohol. I know people who drink more than twice as much and in their old age (70+ years old) only experience mild tremors, and those are more likely associated with age than with drinking. I myself drink a handle each week (1.75 liters) and have no problems at all. It's just spaced out across the entire week rather than weekend binges like how most people seem to drink. Bond drinks on the job, so its probably so spread out he doesn't even get drunk at all.

  7. I always thought it was to reflect Bond's attitude as someone who is constantly going through jarring experiences (shaken), but in the end it doesn't affect him (not stirred)

  8. I much prefer my martini shaken. But I'm not a not a connoisseur. I prefer it cold and slightly watered down. Plus my cheap gin tastes better when 'bruised'

  9. i love this channel because theres so much extra shit and its hilarious. im done watching the vid within 3 minutes but he still going. god

  10. i have a theory of why and its way simpler. it sounds boss as hell. hey i know you normally make it this way but fuck off you are wrong shake that bitch don't sture

  11. i though liquid was supposed to be measured in liters when using metric. telling the me measurement of a liquid by its weight instead of its volume has no meaning to me.

  12. A cold and shaken vodka martini has almost no taste and thus allows Bond a chance to detect if anything has been added to his drink. Like say poison.

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