What is PHP Agency? Video ft. MoneySmartMovement team based in Oakbrook Terrace, IL (15 miles directly west of Chicago) mgs@moneysmartguy.com …



  1. Just another MLM that takes advantage of the young, gullible, desperate, single mothers & minority communities with the promise of a lavish lifestyle

  2. I’m super excited to become a CO Owner of PHP. I will no longer get through life surviving! I will rise above and share this opportunity with everyone. Most of Americans are suffering and especially the middle class financially. PHP makes this struggle obsolete by creating a platform of Entrepreneurs in The highest paying industry in the world. You don’t want to miss out on this!

  3. PHP is changing lives day by day, making a difference. Our company really cares about us. What a great marketing tool to show people who we are and what we can do! We are more than a marketing organization. We are a MISSION and a Cause!

  4. One of the biggest takeaways that I got was that right now in America a lot of people are in debt and a lot of people are not making enough money to make ends meat. This affects millions and millions of people but there’s very few solutions offered to help.I’m personally blessed to represent PHP agency where we teach people, family and friends about financial literacy and how to put a stop and even help them in the financial struggles .The best thing about it we are multi cultural and taking action towards these financial problems and were nothing like any ordinary insurance company ,which is the reason why we are attracting so many influencers and entrepreneurs around the world , which only help us raise more awareness worldwide.

  5. Tracking, reporting and accountability is essential for any successful business! PHP is by far the future of financial services hands down! What an amazing video! Great information and amazing content!

  6. PHP solving $$ issues for 4 generations and handsomely rewarding its associates. Be an entrepreneur and you decide how much you're worth in this world!

  7. This company has changed my entire life. I was always destined to help people and this is the way!!! We are saving lives and building legacies. More importantly, we are educating!! Way to go PHP! Thank you MSM!!

  8. I love this video!! We have to opportunity to change so many lives with PHP! Can’t wait to show this video to more people and show them the power of this amazing company.

  9. It's powerful to see PHP giving and building true dreams to those who have a dream of becoming leaders and coaches for themselves as well as for others.The dream from start to finish is a powerful vision through PHP.

  10. When great minds are aligned….magic happens. I wish I knew about this when I was younger during my crucial decision making process about changing careers.

  11. So freaking powerful!! We’re helping end generational poverty and how diverse we are is unheard of! I freaking love it.

  12. The evolution of the industry has been game changing not just for people to benefit as a consumer, but for those that actually participate in it. The industry has evolved to solve the dilemma of not having enough income & @moneysmartguy has proven that with focus & determination you can defy mediocrity! Proud to be a part of this movement to change lives forever!

  13. Crystal clear mission! We can’t ignore the financial situation that we are in. Thank you PHP for having a solution! Oscar de la Hoya couldn’t have said it better, we are different.

  14. PHP Agency is changing the face of the life insurance industry!! We are innovators at our finest!! Caring for its consumers and agents is what puts this company on the map of greater success. It's such a blessing to be part of PHP and I'm looking forward for what's to come!!

  15. This is who we are!! This is what we do!! People helping people!! We are taking it upon ourselves as a company to change the world and create the new wave!! Solving problems and helping families all while mentoring and maturing aspiring entrepreneurs in to full pledge business owners and duplicatable mentors!! This is we, this is me!! PHP!!🐺🐺🐺🐺#moneysnipers

  16. So many people think they are “good” and don’t even know the half of it! What a great marketing tool and eye opener for those with doubts and inability to do what they want to do without a platform. PHP is that platform!

  17. Incredible video!!! Identify the problems we all face & then give then the solutions over a Jadakiss loop! Talk about talking to the multicultural middle class! The influence is real. Again, incredible video!

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