A Simple 3-Step Process to Create Beautiful Smooth Skin Using the “PHP” Method of Frequency Separation Retouching in Photoshop! In this tutorial, we’ll …



  1. I just wanted to say I appreciate the time and effort you put into making such great tutorials. You are thorough in your explanations, and I am able to follow along.

  2. Unmesh your tutorials are nothing short of brilliant! I often watch your videos on topics I think I know very well but I always learn at least 2 things I never knew.
    Your teaching style is perfect, I'm heading over to join your channel right now. Thanks and please continue!!

  3. My layers are acting up, when I turn on the texture layer in the frequency separation group, it shows the image all gray, and I have to put the retouched blemish layer on top of the grouped layer to see the retouch effect.


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