A Simple 3-Step Process to Create Beautiful Smooth Skin Using the “PHP” Method of Frequency Separation Retouching in Photoshop! In this tutorial, we’ll …



  1. I always trust your tutorials and i like the way you present in your tutorials, i wish i had a whole lot of money so i can send to you to support but i will soon. With Love <3 from Nigeria.

  2. Hello sir, can i use this photo for my portfolio? for online job purpose. I'm amateur in photoshop and thank you for this amazing tutorial as always

  3. I just wanted to say I appreciate the time and effort you put into making such great tutorials. You are thorough in your explanations, and I am able to follow along.

  4. Unmesh your tutorials are nothing short of brilliant! I often watch your videos on topics I think I know very well but I always learn at least 2 things I never knew.
    Your teaching style is perfect, I'm heading over to join your channel right now. Thanks and please continue!!

  5. My layers are acting up, when I turn on the texture layer in the frequency separation group, it shows the image all gray, and I have to put the retouched blemish layer on top of the grouped layer to see the retouch effect.

  6. How are you getting the retouched blemishes layer to show the retouched skin when it's on the layer underneath the frequency separation group?

  7. thanks for your videos Unmesh!!! I got a question, what about with the High frequency layer, if need to fix something… what tool you recommend to do it. thanks.

  8. Could you please check with what camera take the original photo?? i download the image from your link and opened it in bridge, but the info of camera its lost

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