Is PHP going fade away in 2019? People wonder if this old crusty web development language is going to go the way of the ActionScript, or classic ASP?



  1. Hi Stef, I took your web development course on studioweb. Particularly the CSS and Javascript. It be best thing that ever happened to me as far as enlightment on the topics. I'd like to see this course updated using ES6, or a seperate course on E6. Thanks in advance.

  2. My question is basically to ask if you could give your opinion on the Phalcon PHP framework as I found it a few years back and really enjoy using the framework.

  3. The irony being that PHP and Ruby both suffer from the same problem when it comes to being chosen by companies in 2019…

  4. When you say "people" I think what you mean is "Hipsters". Hipsters are saying PHP is dead because it's always uncool to use the most popular platform. And if they ever get their way and Python becomes the most popular, those same people will be saying Python is dead and pick a less popular language.

  5. Hi Stefan, but the issue is, even if php is evolving with strong typing etc, still when you enter a project with php, around 50% of the teams have bad php habits and generally php codes are messy / spaghetti…

  6. php is the best choose for little company it's quickly and safely. Jave is more better but is too slow and need more developer.

  7. Very nice video with very valid arguments.. I'm using PHP since 2003. From that time to this date I'm hearing oooh PHP is dead, it has no future … BLAH BLAH. and yet it's strong and rocking hard.

  8. I love PHP since ~2003. Perl is ugly, and you need to learn your scripts you wrote month ago like from scratch. Python exists because Google had to have control over it, and they count not get hands on PHP. Ruby is the answer to perls problems, but not to real developers problems. I really don't understand why would anyone choose python/ruby/perl over PHP (unless requirements). PHP is fantastic, awesome, documentation site with user comments is precious. Once you get into PHP you will forget that you know it, you'll just speak it. Do you speak English? You don't care. You care about what you speak about, not how, the 'how' is gone.

  9. Most of the texts about the fact that PHP is dying are written by build-concrete java old grandparents or young 19-year-old children who have never even worked in IT and only watched youtube. PHP had 83% of the total market in 2017, now it is 84.5%, while ASP .NET had 14.5% and dropped to 13%. PHP increases, ASP .NET decreases – these are the facts. PHP currently has more job offers than Node.js – just go on linkedin or indeed and you will find. Even without WordPress, PHP still would had 56% market, so still would dominate. For example, Node.js has currently about 0,5-1% market of the Internet. PHP 7 is FASTER than NODE.js and Python and that was PROVED in SEVERAL TESTS. That are FACTS, not emotional crying from 18-years old baby you has never even work in IT and is just youtube-child.

  10. Ok you got me now.. I am going to learn PHP with no regrets… I need to use the next 3 months to learn a lot of languages and make a program… so I can get a job…

  11. Same people who hated Java are the same ones who say php is dead. When I go on indeed for jobs, all I see is "Wanted, php developer" where I live. I live in California. These people don't havr a clue about the job market bec they are not even looking for a job

  12. I really liked that out-of-nowhere cemetary invasion but it had that effect especially because it looked so out of character. So please do that yet not overdo it.

  13. I started writing in PHP off and on again in 2003 and I never understood why it had such a bad rep. Sure, it had and has its limitations but it also gets alot of things done quickly. Going all the way back to PHP4 I heard a lot of "PHP is the worst, it's not a real programming language and so on." Interestingly it always came from people who work at hip startups programming in the latest and hip language. I hardly ever got snarky comments from people who were seasonsed developers.

  14. Yes Ruby is dead. It was dead in 2012. It was dead in 2013. It was dead in 2014. It was dead in 2015. It was dead in 2016. It was dead in 2017. It was dead in 2018. It will certainly die in 2019. And more interesting I am using it.

  15. I can't agree more when you said people who still bash PHP are just ignorant. I have one such developer friend. He behaves as if PHP is an untouchable language and it's funny because he is a frontend developer and didn't even try PHP.

  16. For sure there are some annoyances with PHP (e.g. inconsistency) and the language development feels sometimes slow but what makes PHP great is:
    – Suites beginners and pros (supports very well procedural and OOP styles)
    – Well documented
    – Fast (for an interpreted language)
    – Great backward compatibility
    – Huge ecosystem (e.g. libraries, frameworks)
    – Interesting attempts to standardize frameworks and libraries (PSR)
    – Runs in nearly all server environments
    – Derived from C (some C functions can always be used when you hit the performance wall with PHP)
    – Massive community with great dynamic (see e.g. Swoole, Zephir)
    At the end it all depends on your development skills, coding discipline and creativity.
    The future of PHP is hanging on the ability of the PHP development team to add compiling structures into PHP so that one day web-assembly components can get created with PHP.
    Performance-wise there are some interesting projects like Swoole which look very promising already and seem to mature quite fast.

  17. We programming learners are so oftenly told that PHP is on the way down; it's good to hear and see the demonstration that this great language has yet many years to live. Thx

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