Node.js tutorial for beginners – 2014 Update This video is an introduction to Node js using the latest updates to the Express.js framework. Nodejs is an amazing …



  1. res.send({ users: ["Tom","lulu"] }); doesn't register as type=json in the browser. It just comes across as a document. Is there a newer method to do this? I tried res.json but that didn't work either.

  2. HI Will great tutorial, however I'm having some errors. I just installed nodemon and typed the console.log line to see it running, but when I tried to save (using VS Code) I get, Failed to save 'app.js': A system error occured (EACCES: permission denied. I also notice in the www file i am getting errors on require & process, e.g. can't find name 'require' any. Can you help? EDIT: after some research renaming www to http://www.js removed the errors as I think it's overwriting the preferences and making www a .ts file, however I'm still getting permission denied when trying to save?

  3. Hi, Thank you for amazing videos. I have also been following your React videos and they are awesome. I have a strange requirement with node. I need to read data from a third party REST api and store it in my postgres database. But I want the node app to keep watching the api endpoint for new/updated data (there is no trigger point like reloading a page or clicking a button) based on a query date parameter (/api/users?since_updated = 2016-01-26%2009:01:44). For example when I pull the data today, my app should save today's date in database and the next time it should ask for data from the saved date. Is node suitable for this? Or should I consider other options? Everything is doable reading from API, storing in databse but I don't know how to keep the node listening continuously (or every hour) to the api endpoint with the latest since_updated parameter. Do you have any resource that can help me with this?

  4. sir, your tutorial is really good, but i have installed node js, then opened command prompt, upto the app created, it shown file names like .js,.css etc., then in the next step you have shown sub . and opened windows, that showing all the folders left side of app, I donot know how to get/open that window (of app) to see my app files/folders, and (rm -R exp2014) is not working showing error. please help me! steps for complete installation in windows


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