Nodejs global variables | Understanding global variables like process __dirname , __filename, Module in Node jS. Node.js full course step by step. Help the …



  1. Thanks for the video. It's very helpful. Would you be able to post a video explaining child_processes as I found there is a lack of tutorials for them compared to others on youtube.

  2. Nice one techsith, I like that you cover details that no one else has covered as yet! One criticism (constructive, of course) is that you talk too slowly and there are a lot of Ums and Ahs in your speech. I need to watch the videos at faster speeds to get at the the useful information… This approach can be viewed as methodical OR it can be understood as having little confidence in what your saying, I know better as I have seen many videos from you and you do quality work but noobs won't get that impression initially. Hope to see more upbeat tutorials from you in the future and thanks for the great work you do!

  3. I know i am a bit nit picky and that this is for very begginers but technically exports, module, require, __dirname, __filename are not real globals.
    They are just passed as parameters to an IFFE that wraps every js module file.

  4. After theNewBoston stopped making videos . I love your channel and the concept of < 10 min videos in this series. It keeps binding the learners to the end unlike your React series. That series was also great .
    But my advise is to keep the video smaller and if the content doesn't cover in the video, divide the video into smaller ones.
    Thanks Again !!!.

  5. I do have an app using node, webpack and reactjs.
    I have few doubts
    – I set the env var e.g. node env = production/development
    does it require to pass again during npm run build npm run start ???
    As we are getting below issue..
    On live site, we were getting development mode code but process env were production.
    We passed env vars in build and start command and it worked.

  6. Dear Sir i would like to ask you 2 questions:
    1)Can i buy your udemy course yet?
    2)How many parts will going to be in total at this node.js series?

    Thanks you

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