In this video, I explain my number one secret to learning how to program and how to make video games quickly as a beginner.



  1. I know many here disagrees with you,bt what i learnt with my experience is that mind best works with repetetion. There is no question about that.. when you start doing complex things repeatedly it becomes your routine.

  2. Going through the comments, everyone talking about how much of a bad advise that is.
    When i'm done watching the videos, i understood completely what you mean. I hate studying without pratice.

  3. Everyone highly disagrees but is agreeing at the same time lol. Tutorials get you started. Tutorials help and give you a reference. You shouldn't go in and hate start coding if you have no references rhyme or reason. That's how a lot of people fail

  4. This guy is getting grief for his advice, but I agree with him and it’s how I’m learning. At first it seems silly but it really works, first you don’t understand and then it slowly starts to click, great video!

  5. This is a true and false answer.

    It can be true, but it can also be false.

    Mindlessly following a tutorial isn't the same as practicing.

    If you're into game development and following a tutorial for Unity; say a 2D racing game and your next tutorial is a 2D RPG. Though some "functions" may be the same, well others will be executed differently.

    Also, you have to take into account that in programming you can do one thing a hundred different ways. It's the difference between watching someone (2D racing game) write 10 lines of code to do "this" when someone else (RPG) only did it in 5 lines of code. Such a huge difference in programming skills could confuse a new person.

    It's no different than watching video tutorials on playing the guitar. Even if you watched 100 videos, but never picked up a guitar to practice you will still sound like a newbie when you first play.

    My advice is don't mindlessly following a ton of tutorials. Stop and try it. If well watching you ask yourself, "can I do this, this way?" or "can I add 'this' to 'this'?

    Don't just think about it it, try and code it.

  6. It's a case to case basis – What works for me though is forcing Feynman Technique. Brad (Traversy Media) comment is on point though.

  7. What he is talking about is you need the coding reps so you can see patterns you haven't seen before. Use those patterns to create something new.

  8. TL;DW

    Do projects until your eyes bleed from staring at the screen for too long and eventually you’ll learn something from the repetition.

  9. Seems people didn't understood what he said or misunderstood. Basically our conscious brain is stupid. It's our subconscious mind that is our true genius. Our subconscious mind works even when we sleep. That is why after seeing the same pattern we start to recognize it out of nowhere. We just do since our subconscious mind was working/learning on the back end.

  10. I am already doing the same thing you told but watching tutorials one by one for the 1st time only and I was thinking that what If I repeat it when I have done? Now you made my doubt claer. Thanks I sub you on YT.

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