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  1. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript by Mark Myers is a BACKBONE for beginners. Best investment I've made in learning JS and I refer to chapters like Bible passages.

  2. check out "thenewboston" on YouTube or the internet. Great way to learn if you're starting out. Make sure you start with html & css first then JavaScript…

  3. Great points. First have a good grasp of HTML and CSS before diving into JavaScript. As you get into JavaScript, understand the basics of the DOM structure. Then start playing around with methods like querySelectorAll(), getElementById(), getElementsByClassName(), innerHTML, etc. Then start playing with addEventListener(). Then use all those with your own Variables, Functions, Conditionals, and For Loops. Just keep learning and building one little step at a time. If you jump ahead too quickly into some hot and trendy MVVM or MVC framework without first playing around with the basics of JavaScript, you'll definitely feel overwhelmed. Know the DOM. Master the basics.

  4. As a New Guy where should I start to learn the foundations…I don't even know what a Dom is.
    Thanks for the Great videos!

  5. Hey man where is new tutorials on rocky stack? It has been more than one week now. You always reply tonight but in the end no rocky stack. Is it dead?

  6. currently doing your react course,but its a bit hard man.did u have any trouble understanding that course?

  7. Another great video! I will be signing up to Team Treehouse today. I've tried learning HTML & CSS on my own through free websites, and as a complete beginner I feel that I need something more structured. Thanks to you, I have been even more dedicated and passionate about whats to come. I dont expect to become a developer in 3 months but I sure expect to always be learning no matter what job title I get. One things for sure is in this programming world is that to be successful is to be knowledgeable…. This thing is continuous.

  8. Everyone be sure to join the gitter, a chat room where we can all help each other and just hang out, over @ also don’t forget to use the links in Joes video description when you buy Udemy courses, it gives him a small kickback whenever you buy course(s) using his link ? Also if you want to support Joe but cant via donation, be sure to slap a like on all of his videos, he’s one of the realist guys I know, he’s spending so much time and money on helping all of us, this is the least we can do to support him ?

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