In this video I talk about what functions are and how to use them in JavaScript. The forum has been shut down. Don’t forget to subscribe: …



  1. I love that you called the function in an onclick event. Calling functions has been the big stumbling point for me so I think this way of doing it lays it out in a way that registers with me. Hopefully you have a video that introduces returns inside the function. Thank you for laying this out slowly and without jargon or too many new commands or logic. Definitely subscribing.

  2. Hi Quentine, thanks for this video. I don't understand why have you written below this function name in the script tag? if you answer me it will be helpful for me.

  3. Patreon my foot ! I will watch your videos for free. Stop me if you can.You video are super great to pay you for it too. Just be happy with what you have

  4. Hello Quetin, I am getting so much from these videos. But, what happened to your forum. I tried both Chrome and Firefox, and got that I could buy the domain.

  5. Hi Quentin,

    you make good tutorials, I had enjoyed your HTML-Tutorial and I had continue with javascript. But now, in whis case, I made everything exactly like you said, but my Firefox-browser shows a mistake. At first I thought this is a elder version in JS and I choosed an other tutorial. But there is the same mistake, in the first function-lesson too.
    I can't continue, because everything is building up on a working function.
    Here is my code:
    Oh, it's vanished.
    But the mistake is the same. There the browser said: "makeAwesome" is not defined. Here the browser is saying: "substitute is not defined" and I can't continue with JS, because the next tutorials are building up on it.

    Here is the code from the other tutorial:

    <!doctype html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function substitute() {
    var myValue = document.getElementById('myTextBox') .value;

    if (myValue.length == 0) {
    alert('please enter a real value into the text box');
    var myTitle document.getElementById('title');
    myTitle.innerHTML = myValue;



    <h2 id="title">New Javascript Example</h2>

    <input type="text" id="myTextBox" />
    <input type="submit" value="Click Me" onclick="substitute()" />

    <p>Wer weiter von meiner kunterbunten und kugelrunden Welt in das Reich der Phantasie geleitet werden will,<a href="test2_zwoelfte-Seite.html">
    der ist hier richtig!</a><br><br>

    <a href="test2_zehnte-Seite.html">Zurueck</a></p><br><br>


    Thanks fĂ¼r your help.

  6. I just want to say how grateful I am for all your tutorials! Now everything makes sense, thanks to the good way of explaining đŸ™‚ Thank you so so so much!

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