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  1. Oh sh…they told me java was easy. Now it takes 22 minues to write two words on the screen by pushing a button (and it's done by a sophisticated editor, not notepad)

    I guess it's a long way till my first Android app

  2. Thanks! I am getting the following error when I try to run this:

  3. How can I make the message as a boolean condition? e.g. Once I click on the button, for the second time, how can I make it go the original message?

  4. oh my frikin god i didnt know you could do that. i thought you had to write your own code to make the GUI. this makes it so much easier. *subscribe

  5. How do i resize the button? When I built the button it only had constraints, which limited the button to be placed at north,south,east,west,center

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