This is an in-depth look at the Async/Await feature in JavaScript. Code: First, we’re going to go through brief history of …



  1. Hey everyone, original author here! đŸ‘‹
    I'm super humbled that freeCodeCamp has reached out to me and asked me for this video.
    Hope you'll enjoy this video! If you like it and would like to see more of similar content – you can, of course, check out my channel.
    Regarding audio quality and my pronunciation of English – this is one of my older videos and I'd like to think that both things have improved over time. Improving English (as a non-native speaker) in particular is more of a life-long journey (as is programming!).
    Would be happy to answer any questions you might have!

  2. in sequential-naĂ¯ve-proceses.js, are process01 and process02 functions? How re they declared as functions without the function keyword?

  3. Excellent video! Very well prepared and demonstrated. The little hint about async/await not working with functions using a callback themselves was awesome. That was my main point, why I still struggled. Thanks a lot!

  4. the only useful thing in the video is the promise all function, that actually shows performance benefit. what's the point of using async/await sequencially? take note that it can even degrade performace running sequencially because of the extra overhead.

  5. Thanks mate for great explanation. But please please please improve your English pronunciation – it's painful to listen.

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