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  1. It's very unlikely #2 will pass through any ATS. I can't believe people do this… don't design your resume! Must work in plain text. Complex files may be discarded by ATS.

  2. Hey joshua. What type of resume should you make if you have just graduated high school and started programming only a year ago? What will go in place if "experience"? Can You help me with the layout please? Note: i am currently in 11th grade and starting grade 12 in a month. Hoping to land a job in US or Canada after graduation HS in a year as im an indian 17 yo.

  3. Enjoyed the video. The final resume has a lot of typos and inconsistencies. State abbreviations are capitalized. Stk Martial Arts has a comma with nothing after it. You have real web development experience that seems way more important than online courses. You could write a few bullet points on each of those. The certifications and tech skills sections seem crammed into the right area and seem a bit out of place. Maybe those would be better in the same top to bottom format as the rest of the resume. Projects and language headings are capitalized while work history and certifications are not.

  4. Seems a bit silly that people get paid to do this shit. "Uhh you're the bestp rogrammer in the world but you used the pronouns of 'I' so that's a bit bad..".. Lmao.. It's like you can be hiring someone who's like the best in the world and they decided to say like 'you' and 'I' instead of skip that word, or a certain way, as if these little tests which are more irrelevant than other tests show personality or some other metric.
    It's hilarious,.. does it matter if 1+3 = 4 and 2+2 = 4 as well? (transitive property, you read the same result, from the same length statement). Man part of me is like I'm glad these people can make money for themselves, but another part is like "damn I hope HR people who actually do this get replaced by robots" because it's just so petty at the end of the day. They can say just about anything, but most of times, it doesn't seem to make sense.

  5. Hey man, just wanna say I love your channel. It’s a nice spin on the developer channel, it’s like you made your niche that transition stage from, hey I can do things with computers and stuff to let’s actually try and get a job! I’m going back to school as a software engineering major right now and am trying to get internships right now and you have a lot of good info! Much more quality video content than “is language X dead in year Y” videos! Keep it up man!!!

  6. If I'd have one percent of your personality. I don't know how I'm gonna solve the part of personality, dude. Maybe with 5 years experience, at home, with react, laravel and bootstrap.

  7. So…if I don’t have relevant employment history, I should include a project section instead of employment ?

  8. I have a resume AND a personal website I want you to look at, but I'm not done with it yet lmaoo!!! I'll make sure I get it done today and email it to ya along with my resume.

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