Date of stream 27 May 2018 and 28 May 2018. Instead of scopie Sunday, George is livestreaming programming a toy SLAM implementation. Stream title: …



  1. AND THIS IS WHY GUYS YOU NEED TO LEARN MATHS AND EVERY OTHER USELESS MATTER… LIKE HELL YOU NEED… dammit is like the school still doesn't accept useful things and especially technology …

  2. i just started learning java, (dont bully me) and im so confused watching this in saying that python is going to be the next language I study after java

  3. wtf… haha he does the same stuff I do except with way harder stuff.
    I'm over here trying to learn how to code a dice lol

  4. how the FUCK does a human learn how to do this type of stuff???
    we need more people like this for our world for our technology thats FORSURES.

  5. Okay George I know you don't work for anyone, but 10 hours straight, seriously?! I'm actually have similar project, I might need to spent some of my freetime on this video.

  6. using python for an application that requires low latency LMFAO. yeah i am well aware of the simplicity of the language as well as the amount of open source libraries available but still. could you have made a worse decision for this application? i dont think so..

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