Welcome to my introduction to Flutter for Beginners. I have created this tutorial to help you learn about basic layouts in Flutter. This is part of my Flutter …



  1. Your Video is very detail, easy to understand and accurate, Thank you for your kind providing this video for publishing.

  2. The logo file is missing! cannot download, but I can finish learning by download from the web and change dimensions.

  3. I think there is error while creating sign in button where you don't give value of border radius which was included in the constructor of parent class customraisedbutton.

  4. Which hardware components (without monitor) for desktop(Linux/windows)you can recommend for low budget(300-400 usd) ? for comfortable work with flutter

  5. I am having an issue while creating custom raised button.
    Error: No named parameter with the name 'child'.

    child: new Text(

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