In this video, Flutter Tutorial for Beginners; Udemy Instructor, Maximilian Schwarzmüller will teach you how to build iOS & Android apps with Googles Flutter and …



  1. Anyone else have a problem loading the image as described @ 14:50? Throwing "Flutter Error" at asset_bundle.dart PlatformAssetBundle.load() – only message is "unable to load asset: assets/food.jpg (couldn't find food.jpg so I used my own and placed in assets/) – thx

    – assets/food.jpg

    body: Card(child: Column(children: <Widget>[
    Text('Food Paradise')

  2. Please helped me brother My Flutter simple hallo world app Size is so Bigger. How to optimized My app please Please Please Helps Me My Big Brother… [°¥°]…

  3. They said, ' In Flutter, everything is a widget ' and i said, ' A widget is all about calling class constructors with with named arguments whose values are returned by other constructors that also need to be configured with other named parameters ……….' !

  4. I believe you as someone who knows React or React Native or Angular or Vue or or or …. You found flutter pretty fun, although you might have some habits from the javascript way of doing things. Anyways good job

  5. I have set up my phone with Android debugging enabled to run flutter apps on it via anriod studio.
    When I go into command prompt and type adb devices I am able to see my device but the phone Window doesn't appear in the Android studio . Any suggestions why ?

  6. Can we make 2D games in flutter? I mean games with animation and action and NOT like quiz, card game etc? Also when you say 3D apps all I can think is 3D games, can't think of a 3D which is not a game, can you?

  7. @Maximilian Schwarzmüller : I am unable to buy this course. It gives an error in the page while trying to buy

  8. I don't always do online tutorials to learn new technologies, but when I do, I call Maximilian Schwarzmüller. 😉

  9. weird i was always told flutter doesnt actually compile into native code like react native. I was told it runs in its own engine using c++ handling every pixel in the screen….

  10. Nice talk! at 5:42, the bottom right corner content was blocked. I personally like a course video with very short spotlight on the instructor. Maximilian is a very good instructor.

  11. This release is not compliant with the Google Play 64-bit requirement

    The following APKs or App Bundles are available to 64-bit devices, but they only have 32-bit native code: 3.

    From 1 August 2019 all releases must be compliant with the Google Play 64-bit requirement.

    Hi anybody can help me with this error when uploading my app to play store.

  12. Careful while doing this tutorial. Be sure to read the documentation of these packages. There might be a change of API usage and might cause errors while following the tutorial

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