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  1. when i was a kid we did not have these computers we had a phone keypad and a few knobs
    also fanuc = "fine action numerical universal control" am i right?

  2. G code? If you got a road named after you that means the goverments takeing your family out cause its too thick -.blackhawlk road – baxster road and thats a true pycic vision

  3. Amazing tutorial,
    fast and simple explanation, maybe arc moving needed little more explanation.
    Someone questioned about what is M08 and M09 , in tutorial it sounded like "corn", but it is coolant on/off code.
    Thanks for the video.

  4. Hey! I have trouble with making a product could u help me out with some simple coding?
    If you could help me out, please write your email so i can send you the detail

  5. In first version of this post I made a – mistake.
    I’m just a beginner so forgive if incorrect. If Z0 is at platform or table height then Z-50 is assuming that stock is less than 50mm

  6. I’m just a beginner so forgive if incorrect. If Z0 is at platform or table height then Z50 is assuming that stock is less than 50mm

  7. In the quote below if Z0 is top of stock shouldn't Z0.50 be a necetive number to avoid striking stock.?(IE: Z-50) Ron

    "Hi oldflush, on most mill's i have run I have been able to do what you ask by using G92 so what I would do is position the cutter to the new zero position I would like and then use a line like: G92 X0.0Y0.0Z0.0 (THOUGH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND POSITIONING Z AT SAY 50.MM…G92X0.0Y0.0Z50.) "

  8. Great Tutorial, thank you. Your slow & mellow approach explaining these fundamentals is very helpful to this 42 year old student.

  9. hi can any body explain for me hat the different between art cam programe and g code what is more professional

  10. ok um idk if anyone here can help me but i need to know this ASAP but ik how to program somewhat but when i cut like a letter and i rapid up to the next point and i drop down and it still cuts in rapid i do not know how to change it back to the original feed rate

  11. I apologize in advance for being a critic …so here we go… Program O3333 indeed concerns me if it is to be used as a model for others to learn. As already noticed by another viewer your code breaks many rules. I would love to just have clicked on by but the fact that your coming across as a teacher of something that you clearly know just enough about to be dangerous. And I think what troubles me the most is these machines are not only expensive but can also cause injury. I really don't have the time nor desire to critique the whole mess so will limit it to one line (code). The G54 line sends Tool 1 (which is already in the spindle courtesy of line one) to Z50. …..the problem with that is the height offset (H1) will not be read by the control as a result of a missing G43 that is needed on same line. So lets say hypothetically that tool 1 is a six inch long 3/8 drill (diameter irrelevant)  and although the author has chosen to designate it as tool 1, tool 20 was actually the first tool in the program and it was a 1/2" diam. 90 degree spot drill just less than an inch out of the holder. Of course this tool wasn't programmed by our friend here, it's as far as the other guy got on the previous shift and it had the necessary G code. So what happens ? well it's not pretty. Machines don't see, hear, or reason. They just do what they're told (code). So our six inch long drill remains in rapid mode for an entire 5 inches after the drill had already reached t.o.p. (top of part). It's not a bad idea that every tool starts with a line of safety code. In this particular example the G49 that is usually incorporated into such safety lines cancels the previous height offset or it's also recommended to be accompanied by a G53 (with Z). i.e. G53 G49 Z0.

  12. Jepp, 
       very well done, with plenty of time to absorb and digest, keep all your tutorials at that speed it helps us to understand, 

  13. Is it allowed to call 2 families of functions in the same line? where you called G00 and G54(line 4)? Thanks

  14. i have just brought one of them 3020 i have got the motors to spin been trying to find out what program i need to cut circuit boards and wood engraving names ect.. anyone help i have no idea

  15. A very clear explanation.  Thank you.  
    Unfortunately I could not read the codes on your screen.  I hope that they are more visible in your later tutes which I am looking forward to watching.
    Oz accent.  Do you happen to do hands on classes?

  16. Nice work, as clear as I have ever heard it explained, I find it daunting buy you made it interesting, now I want more.  Thank you

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