In this tutorial you will be introduced to the idea of object-orientated programming (like Java is) and how to reference different classes, again this is just to get …



  1. So, I understand what you are trying to explain, but if I want to know how to use the object or what to put in specific locations, which lecture should I go ?

  2. I've gone over it repeatedly and get this:

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems: 
    The method bark() is undefined for the type Dog
    The method dig() is undefined for the type Dog
    The method dig() is undefined for the type Dog

    at Startingpoint.main(

  3. I think this is helpful but I'm a little bit confused with constructor, instance variable, accessor method and how to do the test class?? please help me out.

  4. in about 20 minutes, I already learned more about coding Java than an 1 hour video lecture has taught me. Thank you +mybringback.

  5. Hey Travis

    Thanks for the tutorials. But please follow java programming conventions of having the class name capitalized. Here the dog class should have been in camel case, so Dog.

  6. Most of this stuff is covered in c++ and if your not familiar with Java the language for c in a coding point of view is a good place to start because of its familiarity to other coding languages such as pithon or in this case Java

    Example for c++

    #include <iostream>

    Using namespace std ;

    Main int () //I may have got this bit wrong//
    Int age ;

    Cout << "how old are you" << endl ;
    Cin >> age ;
    Cout << "so you are " << age << "wow" << endl ;

  7. This is a great tutorial. this is your 3rd episode and I love how there not 40 minutes long. Idk how many videos there are. But i've been looking forward to learning Java. Maybe you could do program tutorials on cool things to make. Like, a new email system or your own screen recorder. (IDK) Those sound a bit hard but I'm loving this tutorial. You don't talk to fast and Your not SUPER slow although your really slow and Thats okay. Because It gives me time to double check everything. keep up the good work!

  8. I have a question. I tried "cat Haley" instead of "dog Jerome" but it won't work. Can someone tell me about this matter. I'm just really confuse cause i thought it will work.

  9. The only thing I find weird is that java considers everything like an object like c# does.I do prefer c/c++ where I can do struct which is a class Without private or public keywords to it other than that liking java so far 

  10. So far, you covered what I already know but it definitely helped me refresh my memory. I will definitely try to watch all your tutorials since I want to come prepared for my summer class.  Definitely like the way you are teaching Java, maybe cause we're from the 90's!

  11. I dont understand these 2 lines …
    dog jerome;
    jerome = new dog();
    when first line is already declaring that jerome is a dog object then why is the need for second

  12. Your videos are so helpful but also entertaining.  It's hilarious how you just randomly do things.  I couldn't stop laughing at the "wah."  Super helpful stuff and thanks for making all of these. 

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