package protected java java package visibility java protected visibility java class visibility java default public private java method visibility java default protected …



  1. For those who are confused. Access modifiers define who has an access to methods. If you want to know who has an access see the table he has made.

  2. How do we create a private class?
    When I am trying create a new private class under the same package it was asking me to enter enclosed type. What it could be?
    Plss help

  3. Hi, I really am learning a lot from your tutorials. The only problem is sometimes when you explain things, it doesn't always make sense :/ Its not all too bad because I get what you are trying to say but as a beginner, I am taking notes and when you try to explain things, it sounds very confusing. I understand English is probably not your first language and I do appreciate your efforts. Thank you for the tutorials though they help alot! :)

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