There is the effective way and the not so effective time-consuming way of learning something. Java is a place where you can end up wasting a lot of time without …



  1. @Imtiaz.
    Any plans to do Java vs Python comparison video? Since most of new or potential programmers prefer pyhon.
    What's your take on this

  2. Do I have to learn computer science stuff like algorithms and data structures in order to become a good software engineer?
    If yes, could you please tell me where to start, I will appreciate it.

  3. I will be subscribing to jobreadyprogrammer tommorow and simultaneously preparing for Java 11 oca.
    I am giving myself a month/45 days to get upto speed with spring mvc, spring rest, spring boot, and hibernate, elk.
    I just hope the long hours of sitting and studying just don't worsen my back pain 😅

    Also thank you so much for your constant tips. You should make such videos more frequently and if possible even start vlogging.

    Also could you please make a detailed video about how you approach towards any new technology to master it?

  4. From a professional to another, you gave good tips. I'd say you gave the easiest way to become a java developer.

  5. Hi bro please make a video on automation selenium and the career in it..can I switch as a java developer from automation and how? Please reply.

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