In this vid we’ll explore function templates in C++. This is powerful mechanism which makes the compiler write multiple versions of a function for us depending …



  1. There are many cases where I'd want to compare the integer values of chars or any 1 byte data type. Correct me if I'm wrong but, chars and bools are the only 1-byte data types in the c++ standard. You can use __int8 in VS but that's Microsoft specific.

  2. I really love your style, you can perceive the preparation and work you put in your videos. Is there any chance you will make a new version of asm tutorials/serie? The old makes me cringe too much to follow it(audio/video/*shame*length)

  3. When handcrafting classes and using whole objects please pass them as by reference, these is no point of copying them anyway. Aside from that, very good tutorial!

  4. Why does the template exe size matter?

    Suppose I had to define an int Swap, a float and a double Swap, I'd have 3 Swaps which the compiler would have to compile.

    If I wrote a template, and used int, float and double, it would still have to compile 3 Swaps.

    But then, it'll only make new datatype compilations for every new datatype used, which the programmer would do if it were done the way of overloading functions.

    So why does the template generate a larger exe?

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  6. dude templates a so awful, awful to debug, slows compiler… C++ template syntax is horrible, with all sorts of notorious problems with angle brackets and typename and other issues..Modern languages are so poorly designed that they hinder you more than they help when you are trying to actually program at a high level if you care about what the results are at the low level, which I do.

  7. Unfortunately there are many different cases in templates, where type deduction is different, and the behaviour is often not what you'd expect. Scott Meyers has a great talk on this, called "Type deduction and why you care", and I really think it's worth knowing about that when using templates.

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