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  1. Suit boot pahanke kya fayeda ?
    Jb presentation me Confident nahi dikh rahe hain Aap aapna face pr Confidence show kijiye
    Dekh dekh kr na padhao
    List kijiye sabhi function Applet k
    Jo Prog aapne kabhi run nahi kiya oosake bare me aisa nahi bolte ki Applet me aisa nahi hota wasa nahi hota .. .
    Ai n ai t ? It's Initialize ka short form init() hota hai… Delete this video

  2. sir as the paint () is of component class so why did you create the graphics class object in the parameter of paint() please answer

  3. sir,,, We know that java interpreter never executes statements of comment block. why did java interpreter execute applet tag description in the comment block ? we know that comment is used to make description about statements, program, date and time, etc.

  4. लेकिन हम लोग ने पहले ही एप्लेट कोड को कमेंट में दल दिया है तो वो ४०० हाईट और ४०० विड्थ आउटपुट में कहा से लेगा !!

  5. hlw sir i've watched ur all java tutorials.. its was amazingggg… but sir plz tell me what is the difference between java and core java…??? and what is Eclipse and net beans…?? why we need them.. nd sir plz make a real program like calculator using Eclipse or net beans… thank u sir…. 🙂

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