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  1. TL;DR – Python is slow to run, fast to write and more cross platform
    C# is fast to run, slow to write and is less cross platform.

    That's what I take from it anyway, which I agree wholeheartedly with. I have a moral objection to using c#, although it looks to be a cool lang it's developed by microsoft and currently the only microsoft/apple/google things I use are github (still angry that that got bought by MS), youtube and android. Everything else either FOSS or at least partially.

  2. One issue with an interpreted language like Python or Javascript, is that you can't really hide the source code. So if this is something you want to sell or you need to shield certain algorithms from public view, you should go with a compiled solution like C#.NET or C++.

  3. EVE Online was indeed originally written in Python back in the day – and the developers had expressed their regrets with that. It's probably not that now though, as you've stated.

  4. So you mentioned at the end that if you were making an enterprise app, you would use C# and put it on Azure or AWS. Though your sponsor is Linode. Do you not recommend putting an ASP.Net Core app on Linode compared to Azure?

  5. I've been learning PHP for several years (while I work a full time, non programming job). Ive got MVC/Laravel experience, and have dabbled in Java until they decided to charge for deployed applications.

    I recently just jumped into C# because I was interested in interacting with the MS OS.

    How long do you think it would take to become proficient enough to get a jr dev job working in C#? Is it really possible without a CS degree?

    Just curious, because I love coding and I'm not married to any language. Web dev is cool, but I'm interested in other things as well (like games and such).

    Great content brother. Keep up the good work

  6. To me, Python is great and offers a lot of job opportunities. I can say that because Im currently reading a Python book. Here in Ph theres a growing community and job vacancy for it. The only problem I figured out in the course of my reading is that, I found its syntax a bit odd. I feel like its a bit different from the norms of the coding standards. Example is its dynamic typing where
    x = 'a'
    y = x * 3
    The snippet above produces

    That seem to be very unacceptable in the coding standard and for me its a bit complex to understand and unlogical. How the heck that a char/string and an int can be operationaly possible and yields a multiplication/product output. That bothers me a lot. Im aware its a different language from what I use(c#/java/c++) but its a bit disturbing to me.

  7. I'm learning both C# and python at the same time, coming from the background of a 3D artist,but I found pounding through the initial learning curve of C# has given me better habits when hopping back into python; I think learning a static language first has benefit. I'm using C# for unity and python for plugins on my 3d programs.

  8. Thank you so much for the content. I have been wondering about this question for a while now. How is Iron Python related to what you discussed above please? I have been learning C#, and enjoyed every minute of it so far.

  9. I have been programming for years in PHP and JS. Then I learnt C# as we are using it in my company. This was quite some learning curve, but after 6 months of intensively using it, I just love it! I had to move back to JS to do some front-end work and I can't wait to go back to C#, because it is so much cleaner and better readable!. The only draw-back is that you still cannot develop desktop applications for Linux/MacOS with .Net Core.


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