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  1. why do we need to give 'this' in 'Print Method'? can some one tell me? I used the local variables with out 'this'. in print method. instead of this._firstName, i have declared ._firstName. this gave me same output.

  2. if we use static keyword for PrintFullName() method and if we call this in main method using class name, error is shown in PrintFullName() method….can u plz help me to solve??

  3. I had a spam advertisement for GRAMMARLY that you use to correct spelling? This is software that can listen for credit card numbers or anything you type, ever, its sent to the cloud for review. You think its only going to listen to when you type letters and its not going to track anything? whatever you type in secret? or buy? the app is able to catch any and all keyboard keys, then send it to some website. In the old days you would download the file that ran local on your computer, cloud processing was virtually impossible, now its easy


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