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  1. i started with javascript back in the day, and used it my whole time in Unity. Now I head that C# is the dominant language and javascript has gone the way of the dinosaurs. New language to learn now i guess

  2. To newcomers to programming and unity use JavaScript its easier on the eyes C# is the better of the two but you wont need to worry about which is faster unless your some pro programmer to learn unity you need to start making small game projects and I dont mean follow unity tuts on the site or YouTube its worst way to learn anything because you just copy n paste and never really learn give it a week and you will have forgot everything im speaking from experience ,best way is to think of a small game like pong etc then go to script/documentation and google what you are looking for and how to do it use tuts for learning new techniques on certain things like platformers whats best way to do it do not copy n paste .JS is great because its very easy to read and most people who say c# is better dont even understand why it is better they just say so because other programmers say so at the end of the day all that matters is the game you want to make gets finished not how it was finished trust me it will be years before you need to worry about how fast your games are running with said code etc just make a damn game !.That been said if your making mobile games optimization is a big issue but most your games will be very low poly 3d or 2d and you wont need to worry if making for android and by the time your releasing your game you will have gained enough experience to be able to tell if the game runs smooth or not and said devices but for now make small games and enough with this snobby BS c# may be better but you probably wont understand it enough that it would make a difference in your life xD

  3. I would have liked to see this tutorial go a little further and illustrate some Unity3D game functionality written in both languages side by side.

  4. i got used to object oriented languages like java so for me C# is better, and more organized than javascript (since you have stuff from biggest to smallest)

  5. I don't understand why the hell they use boo and not java, especially since android devices ARE java. I'm pretty sure much more people know java instead of boo

  6. No one is claiming Boo? wtf is this shit? Boo is more readable and cleaner code. I'll take less typing over C# and UScript any day. And when it comes down to it all 3 are compiled down into the same shit, so performance should really not be a factor. Give the python community more love god damnit Unity! Where is the C# vs JS vs Boo video? Stop neglecting us. I want more than just Boo text examples! Equal time for the Boo users!

  7. C# relates more to the native Java/C/C++ that I am used to. JavaScript is like the simplified short hand of Java but for noobs. So I'm sticking to C# only because it's what I was used to along time ago.

  8. Hello! I wan't to ask,will you ever make a javascript tutorial? When i go to Unity website it is all C#.Even i am super noob and have no programming experience i do understand variables,a little functions,if statements and couple more of those stuff,so i don't really wan't to go and watch C# when i made some progress in Javascript…Official Javascript would be awesome so answer please..

  9. Also (altough I'm not sure if this is entiraly true) I've heard that computers can process CSharp code faster than JS (or maybe it was Python, I can't remember) because of the way it interprets the code making JS good for previewing a code and CSharp good for finalizing it.

  10. You can't really say one's better than the other. JS is faster, but it lacks on control because of this, CSharp takes longer to read and write but it gives you just about full control.

  11. It was added with C# version 3.0, so if you've not used C# since 2008 (or had to stick with 2.5) then it's not something you'd have come across.
    Basically, it just means the compiler uses the context to determine the type.
    There's also the dynamic keyword, which means the type isn't determined until runtime.

  12. 1- in C# also exists the keyword var, u can type things like:
    var x = 5;
    var ball = new Ball();
    2- using var is a bad habit, it makes your code less intuitive. What do u prefer: spend a little more time in your code by typing a larger and intuitiver variable name and later, when u reuse that code its beautifull; or use something like var, that will save you the time of typing a couple more letters.
    3- Just kidding, bro, just trying to piss java scripters off xD

  13. What exactly is wrong with javascript? Isn't it easier not having to constantly say the datatype of every variable and function?

  14. I'm learning JavaScript, to declare funtion I used:

    var functionName = function(parameter : int) : int{};

    It worked but do you recommend it?

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