Watch this video in context on Unity Learn: A primer on Vector maths – as well as information on the Dot and Cross …



  1. where is the documentation link it says in the description and the link that its shown is in unity learn course but there is no documentation

  2. Damn this tutorial was excellent. It just refreshed so many basic concepts of Maths and Physics. I really liked this feeling!

  3. You should do a tutorial on Quaternions. It's one of the most important and mystical yet one of the least covered 3D Game Math subjects. It's especially challenging when trying to use physics to rotate collidable interactables in VR games.

  4. Don't know why Unity uses a coordinate system with flipped z-axis (compared to the "standard" cartesian coordinate system). Still bugs me to this day. You usually use the right hand rule for a cartesian coordinate system, not a left hand rule.
    Well I guess my OCD can look the other way with all the other awesome things Unity provides!

  5. This is a really great tutorial on vector math, I would've loved this when I was a beginner. I wonder if you guys will do something similar with quaternions? I don't think it's a beginner topic but seeing as even experienced devs stumble around them, I think it would be a really good tutorial to have.

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