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  1. Im understand some of these things but why would you need a List when you could just do Arrays? Just started coding with C# and I think some of the things are really unnecessary, for example why use cases when you could do if statements?

  2. List<string> stNames = new List<string>();
    string[] saNameList = { "Dan", "Adam", "Bob", "Charlotte", "Abby", "Nick", "David", "Jaden", "Reece", "Chloe", "Alex" };

    for(uint i = 0; i < saNameList.Length; i++) {
    stNames.Add(saNameList[new Random().Next(0, saNameList.Length)]);

    MessageBox.Show(string.Format("Name Chosen: {0}", stNames[new Random().Next(0, saNameList.Length)]));

  3. This  is so cool i made it so it shows a messagebox saying whatever is in the textbox when i click button1 so dope. Congrats for all of you have made it this far, I will see you at lesson 24 keep up the good work and you should be proud of yourselves.

  4. I love how quick and straightforward these tutorials are. I already know some C++, so I'm really only concerned with the C# syntax and visual express, so these tutorials are perfect for me.

  5. one of the differences is an array has a fixed sized that you declare, where a arraylist's size vary with the amount of objects in it. another difference is array's are of the type of array you have, for example an array of int's will have every item be an int, and an array of floats will all be floats. where a arraylist are all objects. these objects tho can be cast(telling the computer they are something regardless of what it is) has variable types or to a string to access them as needed.

  6. Full screen at 1080 pixel is more then enough to see everything clear. If you have trouble seeing what he types or finding the location of where he is typing something perhaps a stronger prescription of glasses could help. Alternatively there are still people on YouTube that provide zoom based tutorials. Something which i personally find disorienting and annoying as hell. The constant box of text that expands in and out serves as a real headache starter for me.

  7. Remember you cannot allocate size to a list. It starts off as zero until you add to it. If you wanted to use a list as a variable database where say you know that a person would be in seat number 34 but there would only be 5 people, you wouldn't be able to use value 33 because you need to fill up the list first. With an array you just allocate the value… Make sense?

  8. Lists are slower and take up more memory. You will not notice this usually, but when you have a thousand variables in a program you will start to realize the efficiency gains from using a "static" array instead of a dynamic array like a List.


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