Bootstrap v4 // Intro & Django Integration Course: __Coming Soon__ Code: (it’s inside of a Django Project) Lessons: 1 – Adding Bootstrap …



  1. nice video
    Halo guyz working on d Django project that requires me using bootstrap but the issue I'm having is that I can use the load static to include bootstrap @ be base_generic, but can't use it with the index page, tried fixing it, what should I do?

  2. Man I love this. I read a lot about bootstrap but somehow THIS is what I needed to finally understand and use it comfortably đŸ˜‰

  3. best demonstration of grid layout! Thank you so much. Its the first of your videos I've watched and I'll be watching many more. I'm excited to. Thanks again! – Kathryn

  4. I am currently finishing an app with Django and bootstrap, but as always i find something useful and helpful in this =)
    Would you like to make a video on Backbone, maybe even Backgrid with Django rest framework?
    Also, a video on Django crispy forms would be great (and also shorter :D)

    Love your stuff! Michael.

  5. Hey Justin,
    Long time viewer / subscriber, off and on paying customer here. Just a quick note to say I REALLY like your new video logo with the circles and the music. Just great!
    Looking forward to this new series. Will you cover block content integration ar a granular level, i.e. , font color or emphasis within a block of text inserted by Django? I'll pay for that! LOL!

  6. Very nicely explained. I just got a website domain and want to setup my profile on the website initially before I think about what to do next and want to use Bootstrap to style my profile. This will help very nicely. Thanks a ton again.

  7. Your every video has been informational and highly productive for us. Do you also show the tutorial on making custom widget which will help in creating the form of desired design without violating DRY principle of django?

  8. Hey, I have been looking for a resource covering a single input form for phone numbers, but am having trouble finding a resource describing the process that should be followed for managing phone numbers. A tutorial or resource link would be greatly appreciated.

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