We interviewed OpenSesame and BlueVolt software engineers to find out what they think the best beginner programming language is. Watch to find out their …



  1. if you are serious about learning to code then C is where you should start. its gonna be tough but the base it will build…

  2. I am 34 years old. Is it to late to start learning programming? i have a hard time finding any jobs exept for people with disabilities. I have akward social anxiety. I am not a smart person, but i think i have a good memory and i played some chess( little more than 2000elo rating).

  3. in september im going to school for a two year programming course. we learn java for oop and and js and php for internet programming. i bought the Java book early and im learning it now. super fun. im mostly doing really simple stuff as of now because im only two chapters in. its a lot of just logic and arithmetic, one class, no objects etc. kinda like input, take their input and do this> (input degrees fahrenheit, convert to celsius, return both numbers.) i like challenging myself by switching every problem between j option pane and console. can't wait to start in september

  4. I've been learning c++ for like four months. I did a little Python but c++ made more sense to me. More structured is what I want to say?

  5. php java c++ batchfile pyton linux and the cmd commandsline and the shell commands linesyntax.. everybody can copy past txt …disable /able button on tabmenu and blocked clientside ipnumbers or your @yahoo.com .. they think they god = evil deeds

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    2 pc world = 666 evildeeds evilprotocols evillogin systems evil serverdb colomns

  7. I'm a back-end automation programmer that uses the Perl programming language for nearly everything I do. I guess that's why they call Perl the "Swiss Army chainsaw of scripting".

  8. me i tryed a litle bit of JS, but after i find an youtube video about VB i sayed i gonna start with it, i learned english 50% from VB and 50% from playing counter strike with english people, to day i speak perfectly english :3, i sayed that just to show you how match VB (VB.NET is like just talking english) example :

    VB.Net : if "toto" = "toto" then MessageBox("the condition is Correct")
    English : if toto is toto then the condition is correct

    and in VB you can use 'is' as an '='

    who's the guy on earth that talk english and will not understand this line of code :3

  9. I recommend python, because it is easy and fun, also if you know python then you can learn C easy and if you know C you can easily learn C++ and Objective C, Etc. Also everybody in this video said to learn Python except for one person who said C and if you know Python you can learn C so pretty much learn python.

  10. If you're older than 12 or 13 I say C++. It's super fun, you learn a bit more of what is actually going on in the machine and if you learn it first you can learn everything else easy. Honestly it's not that hard. I found C++ in 21 days by Jessie Liberty to be the most well written, easy to understand book – it became my favorite reference book in University.

  11. I think what ever programming language you are using as long as you enjoy using it and you can be able to meet the demand and expectations of your client its good . Once you master a single item and able to use its maximum capacity you will be able to unlock its hiding secrets.

    Peace for all . Thanks

  12. python IDE's lack good syntax editing like say c++ if you just learning you will be banging your head against the wall as to why something doesn't work do to a semi colon.

  13. in 2015 today, schools completely suck, and its the number one reason why most people struggle to get a good job, because schools waste so much time teaching kids complete bullshit.
    If every school in this country had a 4 hour class a day on just Programming language.
    We would elevate so many kids to do so much more in their life.
    But with all this other crap schools are teaching now a days, its coming to a point where schools are not even worth it any longer to go to.
    because they don't actually teach kids valuable things that they can use in the every day life.  With the exception of Mathematics.
    Schools should only teach Mathematics, Programming Language, Science & computer Science (since we all live in the computer world age now.), Finance, and a new class called LIFE. basically teaching kids what would happen if you don't have enough money to pay your bills. How to get a job and stick with it. how to create a resume. and finally 1 hour of Social studies to learn about the history of the world. and a side class of Music class to learn an instrument. :)

  14. I think that it depends on the purpose of learner. with me for instance, I want to choose C because It is more close to my major, embedded system field!

  15. Just learn a language alright. Whatever it's all the same ain't it? You learn C, you learn Javascript, you learn a C#, dable in Java, do some python on the side. And in the end you think, what's the freaking difference? It's all one 'n the same. Many roads lead to Rome, and that concept has been proven for 2000+ years already. No magic language gonna change that. Any time soon that is.

  16. To the first guy in the video, he is right, Python is much easier to learn. Although, for the most readable programming language, that spot is already claimed by Forth. Unfortunately, reference material for Forth is very hard to come by on the Internet. I've had problems trying to get a complete reference of words in Forth online.

  17. While in a perfect academic sense C would be the way to go–it forces you to learn all of the nuts and bolts under the hood stuff that you need to understand to be an effective "programmer" rather than just a "coder"–this pat answer ignores one of the most fundamental aspects of adult learning. Relevance. You are much more likely to study and absorb something that is relevant to your life and interests. Been making basic web pages and want to take things to the next level? Start your programming adventure with JavaScrpt. Yes, it is fraught with perils and pitfalls–but there are good books to guide you around some of those–but it is RELEVANT to something you are interested and presumably passionate about. You are many times more likely to keep at it than if you were to take up something like C. Or say you are a newly minted 'Nix admin and you need to start being able to write automation scripts to get that promotion to the next level. Start your learning with Python. You will be doing stuff with I/O and the file system in a matter of weeks that would take you a solid year of intense study to learn to do in C. Again, you will be more apt to stick with it because…….RELEVANCE. You are getting stuff done at work and–hopefully–reaping the rewards.

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