Sneak-peek into SAS Base coding. Introducing concept of libraries in SAS, reading data into SAS using Input and Datalines/cards and understanding SAS Data …



  1. Do your videos contain all the information needed to pass the SAS base certification exam? What about the advanced certification?

  2. i am planning to prepare for SAS basic programming certification. This video has helped me to get a taste of this language… looking forward to other videos in the queue. awesomely explained!!!!

  3. I'm a graduate student in US taking this SAS course and i must say that this presentation is the best i've seen about SAS. Do you have a website?

  4. Libraries under your SASApp have been mentioned as Permanent when user-defined using LIBNAME statement. I use SAS on UNIX with Client on Windows Machine, I never see these libraries when ever I launch a new SAS Session. Only case is when I have these defined in my for sasv9.cfg that these libraries appear for every new session automatically. so Does SAS ODA have option to save it? or Am I missing something? Please let know.

    and thanks for such a brilliant session on the intro part it helped me a lot on the basics.


  5. very nice Session, is it possible to have SAS setup in our personal laptop? what should be the configuration, could you please guide me.

  6. From where can I find the SAS enterprise guide for free is this software available for trail version r can I get the crack version of it?
    Is this videos cover topics related to SAS Base Programmer Certification?

  7. Nicely articulated session, explains the basics of SAS in a very easy way. Thanks so much. Please let me know if you take online sessions for Sessions as well

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