As the wild brawl raged on, William Regal stormed out to proclaim that Matt Riddle and Killian Dain will meet in another Street Fight next week on USA Network …



  1. Either way we the fans win . I'm all for Riddle vs Cole or Cole vs Riddle vs Dain don't think Dain vs Cole is there yet cause obvious undisputed interference there but maybe down the line

  2. William Regal, WWE European Champion, winner of King Of The Ring (2008), World Tag Team champions (4-times), Intercontinental Champion ((2- times)) WWE Hardcore Champion ((5- times)) WCW World Television Champion and now he's the GM of NXT he deserve to be inducted into The WWE Hall Of Fame
    And out of respect from WWE Hall Of Famer The Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin "if you love William Regal and he deserves to be inducted into The Hall Of Fame and loving the NXT gimme a hell yeah"

  3. Regal set the tone really well under NXT Show. Really fit his style and nature to be the one who has to control the chaos during these matches. This is just incredible how much effort is put into this show now.

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